When you are awaiting the birth of your baby, the baby crib is one important baby product that you surely need to think about. Your baby will be spending most of their time on it during the first couple of months and hence you need to pick up the finest piece.
Choosing your baby crib is one of the most challenging tasks that many of you must be facing. With the varied crib styles and prices available on the market, surely questions arise in your mind as to which crib is the best for your baby. I have outlined a comprehensive ULTIMATE GUIDE to choosing the best baby crib to help you select the crib that best meets your requirements.
Before I go further into the different aspects of selecting an ideal baby crib, let me provide insight into some of the most frequently asked questions related to baby cribs.
What is a baby crib?
A baby crib is basically a small bed that is specially designed and constructed for your baby. The bed is encased in a caged enclosure with the top portion left open. The basic intention is to contain the child within for safety reasons.
How long will your baby use a crib for?
On an average, a baby crib is most often used until the child is around 2-3 years. There is no definite age that a child may make the transition from the crib to the bed. It may vary from baby to baby. One sign that your baby should be moved from the crib to the bed is that they tend to come out of the crib very easily.
When should a baby crib be bought?
Most parents prefer to buy the baby crib when they are still awaiting the baby that is at the beginning of the third trimester especially since some companies take a long time to ship the baby crib. If the crib that you have chosen is readily available on the shelf in baby stores, you can wait to buy the crib just before the arrival of the baby.

Types of Cribs
There are different styles of cribs available on the market today. Most of the popular models that are available fall into one of the mentioned crib categories.
Standard Baby Cribs: Standard baby cribs are the most basic type of cribs having a simple, sturdy rectangular design with four fixed sides and slats.
There is difficulty in shifting it from one location to another.

It has a robust construction and is durable. Most of the standard baby crib models are inexpensive.

Convertible Baby Cribs: Convertible Baby Cribs are basically cribs fashioned to change to meet the crib requirements of a growing baby. The common transitions of the crib include a standard crib, a daybed, a toddler bed and a single/twin bed.
More high priced than other cribs May be unsuitable for long-term use if damaged in early stages
A high value for money option as you do not require buying multiple beds as your child grows. It is designed to last longer.

Round Baby Cribs: Round baby cribs as the name suggests is a rounded crib having an option of a canopy in most cases.
The baby easily outgrows the crib as it is small. High-priced
Being compact its best for limited space

Portable Baby Cribs: A portable baby crib is basically a foldable crib and is designed with wheels for increased mobility. Once in place, you can lock the wheels. Once locked, the baby crib is immobile.
When folded, the mattresses must be stored separately. A check needs to be kept on the wheel locks.
The folding design increases portability. It is best in places where there are space constraints.

Multipurpose Baby Cribs: A multipurpose baby crib is one that incorporates additional furniture like shelf storage or a baby change table in its construction.
Occupies a lot of space

Eliminates need of any extra furniture pieces.

Importance and Purpose of Baby Cribs:
Baby Cribs are an important part of the first years of your baby’s life. In the first year, a baby sleeps most of the time. Hence, parents spend a lot of time in choosing an ideal baby crib. The main purpose of a baby crib is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your baby. The cage-like design restricts the child to the bed, preventing the baby to fall off.

Choosing the Best & Ideal Baby Crib:
While choosing a baby crib, I am sure that you would want nothing less than the best for your baby. There are a number of important factors that you need to consider while making your final choice.

Safety: While selecting a baby crib, my recommendation is that safety should be the prime factor you should consider. Ensure not to use cribs with drop sides. In case, the drop side detaches the baby can suffocate in the space between the mattress and drop-side. As per CPSC, at least, 32 babies died in such a manner between 2000- 2010. Read the crib safety norms listed by the American Academy of Paediatrics. In addition, also visit the CPSC website to read the safety requirements.
Durability: Another factor to keep a watch on is the durability of the baby crib. Babies keep growing, so a crib that lasts long and is convertible is a better option for a long-term investment perspective.
Space Requirements: Measure the space in which you wish to place the crib and ensure the crib you select meets your space requirements.
Functionality: Select a crib that is easy to assemble and use. In addition, do research on the other features of the crib. The crib should be comfortable for your baby.
Cribs can be a source of injury to your baby so you should be careful. Refer to the statistics by WebMD. The best and ideal baby crib is one which meets all the safety norms and meets all your other requirements.

Top rated baby cribs:
Hudson wooden baby crib: The Hudson wooden baby crib from Babyletto is one of the top cribs around. Some of the features that make it the preferred choice include:
It meets the U.S safety norms.
It has a non-toxic finish. It is convertible with the conversion kit. It is a great value for money. Greenguard GOLD Certified Four adjustable mattress levels.
Jenny Lind Crib: The Jenny Lind Crib from DaVinci is the best portable baby crib in the market. Some of the features that make it the preferred choice include:
It meets the U.S safety norms. It has a non-toxic finish. It is convertible. It is portable. Has static sides and has the facility of attaching a toddler side safety grill.

Different types of Christmas Cribs:
During Christmas season, you will see Christmas cribs all around. The diversity of styles and sizes of new Christmas cribs assures a sight that complements the rest of your Christmas decorations. A Christmas crib is a must to complete your nativity setup. Some Christmas cribs available include:
Plain wood carvings without any adornments
Adorned wooden cribs
Painted ceramic cribs

In conclusion:
I hope you loved reading through this detailed ULTIMATE GUIDE on baby cribs. Hoping it helps you choose the perfect baby crib for your baby.